House of Keerthi Kadire have the privilege to work with some of the finest karigars, craftsmen, embroiders and tailors from Kolkata. They are our backbone, our extended family. Considering the situation today, we all are witnessing a very tough time. 

While fighting global pandemic, COVID – 19, India suffered another blow with Cyclone Amphan, creating devastation in Kolkata. Cyclone Amphan bought about more than 10 times the wreckage witnessed over a decade. 

While the economy is collapsing, Karigars and their families in India are the worst hit. Our karigars have lost homes and surviving with no food, water and electricity.  As a young brand, that works with local artisans from different parts of the country, at this juncture we stand in compassion with karigars in Kolkata who had the double whammy during this pandemic. 

To show our love and support, we at Keerthi Kadire, pledge to initiate this cause that is extremely close to our heart -    We are lending support to all the karigars that we work with who do not have means prepare for such calamities. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible to help them with food and medical expenses, that cover them & their family members and their communities. 

With each purchase, 100% proceeds go to our karigars and their families.

The Procedure:

How will the funds be distributed?

The fund will be expended all over India especially in areas affected by Cyclone Amphan using wire transfer to our karigar’s accounts registered with our respective organisation. Furthermore, these funds will be distributed within their impacted communities.


Villages in west Bengal, Bihar and Orissa

Who do you help?

Our karigars and their local communities

How do you help with your purchase?

  • Rs. 4,999/- 
  • Provides food, ration and medical supplies for a family of 5 members for 20 days

What do you get

Our limited-edition hand embroidered potli bag made exclusively for you by our karigars 

House of Keerthi Kadire – Potli Bag, for pre-orders, please click here 

What the Karigars get:

Another chance to survive and ride the time for the next couple of months